Love Painted in Lies

Love Painted in Lies - A Maida Vale Tale

Every brushstroke a mystery, every canvas a lie.

Returning to Maida Vale, Minty is thrust into a whirlwind of managing twins, multiple Old English Sheepdogs, and school runs while caring for her aging parents. Her life, however, is overshadowed by murmurs of her involvement in a family art forgery ring that once duped the London elite.

The law remains watchful, convinced Minty has returned to uncover secrets about a legendary missing painting. She must prove her fresh start is genuine. Is she hiding more than she reveals, or is her return an honest attempt to repaint her life’s canvas?

Adding to the chaos, a mysterious stranger steps into her world, bringing intrigue and potential romance. Is he a stroke of fate or a ghost from her past? Amidst these challenges, Minty navigates the competitive world of London school admissions, where church attendance is more about strategy than faith.

With gangsters on her trail and love at her door, Minty’s journey is a hilarious adventure where art and reality comically collide in Maida Vale.”

Reviews and Impressions

“An absolute gem! Minty’s chaotic life is filled with hilarious moments and touching scenes. The art forgery subplot adds an intriguing twist, and the vividly described London setting makes it even more captivating. Highly recommended!” – Goodreads Reviewer

“A delightful mix of comedy, mystery, and romance. Minty is wonderfully relatable, and her adventures are both laugh-out-loud funny and heartwarming. The witty dialogue and unexpected plot twists make it a fantastic read.” – NetGalley Reviewer

“This novel perfectly blends humour and suspense. Minty’s journey through family, love, and legal troubles is engaging and entertaining. The mysterious stranger adds extra excitement, making it a page-turner. Ideal for anyone looking for a light-hearted yet gripping story.” – BookSirens Reviewer

Perfect for a Beach Read

If you’re looking for a book that combines humour, intrigue, and romance, “Love Painted in Lies” is an excellent choice. Its engaging plot and charming characters make it a perfect companion for a day at the beach. With laugh-out-loud moments and thrilling twists, this novel ensures a delightful escape. Dive into Minty’s world and enjoy a story where art and reality amusingly intersect in Maida Vale.