Love Painted in Lies

Love Painted in Lies - A Maida Vale Tale

Love Painted in Lies: A Maida Vale Tale is a feel-good comedy romp! Check out the 5* reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. SEE REVIEW QUOTES AT THE END.

Minty’s return to Maida Vale isn’t merely about the pandemonium of raising twins, managing an unruly Old English Sheepdog, school runs, and looking after her elderly parents. Her past is clouded by rumors of her role in a family art forgery scheme that once deceived London’s high society.

Law enforcement remains vigilant around Minty; they believe she’s here to dig up secrets about a fabled missing painting.

Minty needs to show that her new life is a true clean slate. But is she hiding more than she admits, or is her comeback an earnest effort to start afresh?

In the midst of this, a mysterious man steps into her hectic life, adding a layer of intrigue and a spark of romance. Is he a twist of fate or a figure from her past?

As she faces these obstacles, Minty is also caught in the ruthless world of London school admissions, where attending church is a tactical move rather than a spiritual one.

With criminals on her tail and love knocking at her door, Minty’s adventure is a laugh-out-loud, feel-good tale, where the worlds of art and reality hilariously intersect in Maida Vale.




  • “A very enjoyable read. I laughed out loud in places and it kept my interest to the end.”
  • “I laughed my way through this book and read it in one as I just couldn’t put it down.”
  • “A unique, rom-com/life happens kind of novel 5*.”
  • “This book was an entertaining witty read with a unique storyline.”
  • “Absolutely fabulous. It’s funny, it’s heartbreaking, you laugh you cry. A superb page turning summer read, come sunshine or rain.”
  • “So so funny. I laughed out loud a few times.”
  • “How she interacts with the people in her life whilst dealing with the criminal underworld and the police at the same time is hilarious.”
  • “The description of the old parents is brilliant. They are shown with all the problems age might bring, but their characters still shine through. I loved that.”
  • “Genuinely Funny Comedy. Firstly, it was laugh out loud funny.”
  • “If you’re looking for an engaging storyline with a character who knows her own mind, look no further.”
  • “The best book I’ve read in a long time !!!”
  • “Love Painted in Lies was a very funny read and if you’re like me…a Mum, then you’ll enjoy the that side to the humour but also the book is so much more than simply hilarious.”
  • “It takes you on a ride full of twists and turns and finishes at a fantastic climax.”
  • “Fabulous, hilarious, touching! I thoroughly enjoyed this book – it totally lives up to the hype!”
  • “I laughed my head off, then cried, then laughed again. Perfect for the beach!!”
  • “Her unique character shines mostly through the relationships with her family, especially with her kids and her aging parents.”
  • “Whilst the first two thirds were mostly portraying the mc’s daily life, the last third was more of a show down adventure.”
  • “The characters were well-developed and described. The novel is an enjoyable, easy-to-read witty piece of writing.”
  • “This talent had landed her in jail. Life is quite a challenge for the ex-con, divorced single mother, back, living with her parents in Maida Vale.”
  • “I read this some time ago now and it hasn’t just blended into my memory with all the other books I’ve read, I recall key parts vividly, which makes it a stand out novel for me.”